Active School

Active School DanceThe Active School Flag is a Department initiative which aims to get more schools, more active, more often.  It is awarded to schools that strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community.

Active School Flag

We began the process of applying for our first active flag in October of 2018.  The children from first to 6th classes elected a committee (pictured below) who would spearhead the initiative.  This committee were then trained as Playground leaders and would begin their Active lines at small breaks almost immediately.  We also began Active breaks where the children had organised activities for them each Wednesday.  Music Mondays began with a bang.  The school invested in a large Bluetooth speaker which allowed music to be played by the children for all the breaks on a Monday.

The school participated in various Active initiatives during the early part of the year with Cross country and ‘Beat the Teacher days’ always being the most popular!  As usual our school entered in all the local blitzes in both hurling, football and soccer and did themselves proud at every event.

We planned to have our Active week from May 20th – 24th.

  • We had visits from Madeline Loughnane from Swift therapy and Damian Young from Tipperary institute, who put the children through their paces.
  • We had an orienteering day which got the children think actively all around the school grounds.
  • Former principal of the school Paudie Butler brought us on the beautiful Golden Mile/Inch Loop walk.  We took our lunches and our time (as it’s quite a distance) and we even met a few beautiful and friendly horses along the way.
  • Our FUN event was the Triangle Dance challenge which saw the whole school, teachers and some brave parents attempt a record-breaking Triangle Dance outside in the sunshine!
  • We concluded our Active week with our Sports day which began in the local GAA field and concluded back at the school with some well-deserved treats.  Pupils and staff alike slept soundly that weekend!!

Our Active School Flag Programme will continue into the next school year where we hope to be able to attain all the criteria deemed necessary to obtain a blue Active Schools Flag in 2020!

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